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How to register. Quick, simple rules.
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PostThu Jul 13, 2017 2:07 am

It's beyond dispute that NWB has probably been the most important resource for musicians and venues in the Northwest for a number of years now. Facebook is also a good way to get gigs - we have a page at but NWB had the gig list and was somewhere all bands and their supporters could see who was on and where.

This forum was originally set up last year, but NWB stayed in place as a closed site with no new registrations, but people could at least still put their gigs on the gig list. It was doing nothing much as NWB still worked, so I cleared it out and kept it for later use.

As NWB is finally closing on September 1st 2017 (or thereabouts), I decided to have a second go at making this forum available.

It's FREE. You won't get spammed and you can talk to each other.

I will look at finding a solution to the gig list issue and add it when possible - although NWB are promising a new gig guide....
I'm not promising there is definitely a solution to the gig guide, but I will see if I can find something.

There are only a few rules and I hope all will agree they are not heavy-handed.

1) Please register with your BAND name (eg RIFF RAFF) if you are representing a Band, or with your VENUE name (eg GRIFFIN EARLESTOWN) if your are posting for a Venue. It will make your posts easier to find. This is a communication forum between bands and venues. No impersonation of anyone else is allowed.

2) The choice of BAND, VENUE or FAN is now compulsory when registering. The registration screen will ask you to type one of these three words in a field. This helps the Admin to get your posting access right. Please put FAN in the field if you are not representing a band or venue. ***

3) Don't review your own shows.

4) If you use buy and sell, be honest. The forum will not get involved in any way in any disputes.

5) Play nicely in the off topic area - agree to disagree, etc.

Please keep a note of the user name and password that you used to register, as I don't have the time to go in and reset them for people every time they forget them.


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