Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Registration and member rules

      This forum has several sub-sections and is designed to be the ultimate Slade discussion resource, along with and our partner sites. Registration is required to enter and view the various forum areas. This is required in order to keep the spammers and riff-raff out and to ensure that the forum is run in an orderly manner.

      Please click on register and enter the following details:
      A USERNAME of your choice (please keep a note of this)
      A PASSWORD (please keep a note of this)
      Your REAL NAME If you don't provide this, you won't get in. Don't just repeat a user name.
      Your TOWN OR CITY
      A mobile phone number

      Please use your preferred REAL EMAIL ADDRESS. (please keep a note of this)

      Using your own real email address verifies that you are a real person, not a web bot spam registration.
      Submit your request and the admin will admit you asap.
      You will get a return email letting you know it has been done for you. Simples.

      I can spot spam registrations quite easily and just delete them.
      I check all applicants email addresses for internet spam activity.

      Please keep a note of your user name and password, in case of any access issues, as I don't ever see your passwords. Please note that your password can't be retrieved by the admin and therefore you should keep a note of that and your user name. I get more requests for re-sets of lost passwords than anything else. This is a once-only password reset. Write your user name and password down and keep it safe.

      I have set my email pre-scanner to reject any non-genuine emails, so spammers - don't waste your time.
      THE RULES:

      We are quite easy-going here. There are just a few simple rules. Nothing too strict.

      1) No posting of the current home addresses of the members of Slade and their families is allowed. AT ALL.

      2) Please treat each other with respect. No chest-beating, fighting or stupidity, please.
      They're only a pop group. If you have to be grumpy about Slade, another Slade fan, forum or FB group, do it elsewhere.

      3) No professional direct selling on the forum.
      You may, however, post links to your Ebay Slade items or to websites which must have buyer protection that distribute any Slade product that is for sale.

      4) A reminder to members that this is a closed group and viewing is restricted to members.
      What is said in here should stay in here. Obviously anyone can discuss the same subject elsewhere - but please don't quote people from here and name them elsewhere, or share any links that are private to this forum.

      5) No impersonation of another person, or passing yourself off as being someone else.
      You should have your real name in your profile. I can see your IP addresses on your posts and also if more than one member uses that IP address. I will deal with members with multiple registrations at a later date. I will be looking at when the original account last logged in etc. No member should be using two different accounts simultaneously (except for the Admin safety backup account, which prevents the forum getting locked up).

      And that's it. :D Enjoy.