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Registration advice

Postby admin » Fri May 25, 2018 1:02 am


This forum has several sub-sections and is designed to be the ultimate Slade discussion resource, along with and our partner sites. Registration is required to enter and view the various forum areas.
This is required in order to keep the spammers and riff raff out and to ensure that the forum is run in an orderly manner.

Registration is now via an email request to the board admin.

You need to send an email to the admin at admin @ - leaving out the gaps in the email address.

The email needs to contain:
Please title your email FORUM REGISTRATION.
A USERNAME of your choice (please keep a note of this).
A selected password (please keep a note of this).
Your real name.
Your town or city.

Using your own email address verifies that you are a real person, not a bot registration.
Submit your request and the admin will admit you asap.
You will get a return email letting you know it has been done for you.

Please keep a note of your user name and password, in case of any access issues, as I don't ever see your passwords. Please note that your password can't be retrieved by the admin and therefore you should keep a note of that and your user name. I get more requests for re-sets of lost passwords than anything else.

I can spot spam registrations quite easily and just delete them.
I check all applicants email addresses for internet spam activity.

This forum takes no responsibility at all in the event of users getting bad Fray Bentos tin haircuts and the adoption of bad taste bacofoil suit fashions that may result from excessive reading of the topics here.
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