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Posted: February 1st, 2020, 11:52 am
by admin
I am more than happy for people to post photos on the forum, but we don't really have the webspace to allow attachments. I suggest that people register at and load pics up to there.
Right clicking on a photo once it is fully loaded to a page gives you its web URL, which can be copied and pasted between the [ img ] and [ /img ] brackets and the photo should then display in your post.

Re: HOW to DO IT

Posted: February 1st, 2020, 11:53 am
by admin

Find a video you like on YouTube (must be Slade related, if posted in the Slade area of the forum).

Copy the URL / web address: e.g:
Highlight the address and use COPY keyboard shortcut CTRL + C

When making a post, click the youtube button, which is above the text box that you type in.

This will give you two pairs of brackets with youtube and /youtube written in them.

Paste the web address inbetween the two pairs of brackets - do not add any spaces or other characters, etc.
Use PASTE keyboard shortcut CTRL + V
Insert it between the two sets of brackets like this: Image

Remove the s from the https at the beginning of the web address.


The brackets should not be disturbed.
There should be no gaps.

Submit your post.

Sometimes a Youtube video will have a link to other stuff after the video web address.
This will stop the video working on here.

You can spot this if it has an & halfway through, then a string of code.
You can remove the extra crap by highlighting it - starting with the & and moving your mouse to the right then pressing your delete key.
That should leave the web address in your browser.
Check it by sending the browser to the remaining web address.
Then, if it works, copy the web address as above.